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Fintech – financial technology – used to simply refer to the back-end of the big banks’ processes. Now, it’s so
much more than that. Fintech, in the modern day, refers to all new technological advancements in finance,
and it’s causing unparalleled disruption in the sector.

It has become an absolutely enormous industry. Nowadays, a third of all consumers across the world regularly
use at least two fintech technologies. Billions of dollars each year are invested in fintech startups. Perhaps the
biggest fintech success story – Stripe – was recently valued at $20 billion.

Everybody wants a piece of the action, from the biggest banks to the smallest startups. Want to get involved too?
We can help with that.

Here’s how:


Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is more popular than ever, thanks to its convenience and ever-improving security. If you’re not offering your customers a fully-featured, reliable and secure banking app, you’re already behind the times.

Digital Banks

Digital banks – those without any physical premises – are more than just a fad. People don’t like going to their bank. They like to be able to handle everything from home, on their phone or laptop. We can help you join the growing number of entirely online banks, by providing you with everything from automated customer service to security.



Learning Technology

Our AI starts off pretty damn smart… but it only gets smarter with time. By analyzing your behavior, market trends, or anything else we tell it too, the AI can help you to become more efficient, and suggest ways to streamline your financial operations.

Trading Apps

Emotion is the single biggest obstacle that traders face. So take it out of the equation. We can create bespoke, easy-to-use software, in which you can set a number of trading parameter – buy price, sell price, that sort of thing. After that, all you need to do is sit back and watch the AI do its work.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is dull, and it takes a long time. Your time – and that of your employees – can be better spent elsewhere. Hand over this mind-numbing task to an AI, and concentrate on the things that really matter.

Customer Service

Customer service is another necessary, but time-consuming job. Our AI can take some of the load off for you. Pre-program our software with responses to common questions, and only intervene when you absolutely need to.



Cryptos are disrupting the financial sector like few things in history. Their anonymous nature, and their independence from big banks, have made them attractive to millions. It’s time for you to get involved too. We can help you to analyse the market, trade cryptos, and even create your own currency.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are an innovative, and incredibly effective use for blockchain technology. We’ll provide you with a program that automatically executes a process – predetermined by you – only when both parties have fulfilled their end of the deal.


Cyber Security


Regulatory Technology

Regulatory technology – also known as regtech – is all about finding new ways to ensure fairness in the market. We can create a program for you which will automatically detect any irregularities in your financial operations, helping to prevent fraud and other financial crimes.

Bioemetric Authentication

This is just one of the ways in which fintech has helped users to stay safer than ever. Biometric authentication – which we can implement for your business – ensures that the person who logs into an account is really who they say they are.

Simplified Account Access

In today’s on-the-go age, people don’t like wasting a single second. If your login and logout processes are slow, customers simply won’t continue using your financial services. We’ll help to streamline and speed up your users’ account access, to ensure they keep on coming back.