Hello World! Here at Syntax, we cover every digital need your business might have. We can develop your dream website, protect you with state-of-the-art cyber security, create bespoke desktop and mobile apps to suit your needs, and develop cutting-edge AI to help automate a number of time-consuming tasks.

We can even help you with blockchain development. Most of all, we take an innovative approach to both solving your problems, and helping to maximise your revenues.

Web Development

If you haven’t got a UX-optimised, stable, attractive website, then you’re already behind the curve. We’ll create a bespoke, mobile-friendly website from scratch, which can be as feature-packed as you like. We’ll be sure to tailor it specifically to your business’s size and sector, as well as your target audience. We also take care of e-commerce, SEO, and anything else you can think of.

Software Applications

Whatever you want to achieve with your business, we can develop software to help you. We create clean, maintainable code in a variety of programming languages for every platform you could hope for. Working with all major frameworks, we’ll make strong, reliable software to meet your specific needs.

Cyber Security

Both your data and your customers are incredibly valuable, and you simply must protect both. At Syntax, we’re always up-to-date to fight the latest cyber security threats. With our vast range of security measures – including webshielding, cloud and datacenter protection and company protection – you can rest assured that you, and your customers, are safe from online and offline threats.


Crypto currencies – if you hadn’t heard – are big business nowadays. In fact, they’re not only changing the very way in which we make transactions, but their underlying technologies such as Blockchain, Tangle or Hashgraph build trust layers for data integrity. We’d advise you to get in now, while there are still so many opportunities to make a killing. We can develop anything from quantitative trading bots or payment integration over smart contracts to new blockchains.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction movies. It’s here now, and it’s available to help your business. We can develop AI to fulfill an enormous variety of needs for your business: data analysis, customer support, digital marketing analysis, competitor analysis… the list goes on. Offload busywork onto an AI, to free up time and budget for the tasks that move your business forward.

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