Syntax can provide you with the digital solution you need. We can develop your dream website, create bespoke desktop and mobile apps to suit your needs or develop cutting-edge solutions to help automate a number of time-consuming business processes. We also have a speciality in developing Fintech. Most of all, we take an innovative approach to both solving your problems, and helping to maximise your revenues.


Web Development

UX-optimised, stable, attractive websites are often regarded as a basic business requirement. We can create a bespoke, mobile-friendly website from scratch, which can be as feature-packed as you like. We’ll be sure to tailor it specifically to your business’s size and sector, as well as your target audience. We also take care of e-commerce, SEO, and anything else you can think of.



Do you need an app for your business? Whether on mobile or on desktop - we can provide you with the right software. We create clean, maintainable code in a variety of programming languages for every platform you could hope for. Working with all major frameworks, we’ll make strong, reliable software to meet your specific needs.


Business Process Automation

Whether it's a time consuming task or a key person dependency, we know how to automate your processes. We use a variety of tools to remove the dependency and finger error from manual work across all business functions. See the impact on your bottom line for yourself.


Anything else?

Do you want to do something we haven't mentioned? We also have experience with AI, blockchain, cyber security and design. And if we can't do it, we've got an extensive network of partners to team up with.

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